People who rely on the Board of Elections as candidates know what they need to win. I'm proud to have the endorsement of an unprecedented number of candidates and elected officials who recognize a change is urgently needed at the Board of Elections.


Robin Lois, Dutchess County Comptroller

Joe Ruggiero, Candidate, County Executive

Rich Berube, Candidate, County District Attorney

Kenya Gadsden, Candidate, County Clerk

Laurette Giardino, Candidate, NYS Assembly

Dutchess County Legislators:

Rebecca Edwards, Minority Leader


Nick Page, Asst. Minority Leader


Giancarlo Llaveras, District 1


Craig Brendli, District 9


Barrington Atkins District 10


Brennan Kearney, District 11


Frits Zernike, District 16


Kristofer Munn, District 20


Cities and Towns

Jodi McCredo, Beacon, Councilmember, Ward 3


Amber Grant, Beacon, Councilmember, At-Large

Chris Petsas, City of Poughkeepsie, 1st Ward


Evan Menist, City of Poughkeepsie, 2nd Ward


Sarah Brannen, City of Poughkeepsie, Vice-Chair, 4th Ward

Ann Finney, City of Poughkeepsie,

fmr Councilmember, At-Large

Kenya Gadsden, Fishkill, Councilperson

Neil Krupnick, Hyde Park, Ward 1


David Ray, Hyde Park, Ward 2

Debra Blalock, Milan, Councilmember

Frank Mazzella, Pleasant Valley, Deputy Supervisor

Barbara Pallazzo, Poughkeepsie, Town Board Candidate


Beacon Democrats


Dutchess County Young Dems


Town of Hyde Park Dem Committee


Town of East Fishkill Dem Committee


Town of Fishkill Dem Committee


Town of Milan Dem Committee


Town of LaGrange Dem Committee


Town of Red Hook Dem Committee


Town of Rhinebeck Dem Committee


Town of Wappingers Dem Committee

Robin Lois, our highest elected official in Dutchess County:

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I support and endorse Hannah Black for Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner!  Hannah has proven her loyalty and dedication to Democratic party members and the residents of Dutchess County for over a decade.  Her unwavering integrity, unique experience, and commitment to our success make her a perfect fit for our Commissioner.

As someone on the front line of County operations, I can tell you that the status quo at the Board of Elections needs to change. And as someone who has worked with current and past candidates over the past three years, I can attest that we need Hannah now.  Our ability to be successful as a party in this hyper-partisan environment requires all hands-on deck and working closely together as a team.  Hannah’s history as a loyal professional gives me confidence that she won’t settle for business as usual, will continue to be a major part of our team, and will always have our backs.

Please join me in supporting and ensuring that Hannah Black is our next Democratic Elections Commissioner!

- Robin Lois

Hannah's colleagues in the Dutchess County Legislature:

We, the members of the Democratic Caucus of the Dutchess County Legislature, are writing to express our support Hannah Black's candidacy for Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner. Having worked closely with Hannah during her term as legislative caucus leader as well as in other capacities, we know she will be a smart, professional, and immensely hard-working Commissioner.


The Democratic Commissioner must be responsive not only to the needs of voters but also to those of local committees and candidates.  She must answer their questions, advocate for their needs, and protect their interests.  
Now more than ever, given the hyper-partisan atmosphere and the threat that Republicans pose to our democracy, we need a Commissioner who is strong and independent and will not buckle to Republican pressure or manipulation.  
We strongly endorse Hannah Black for the job and ask our fellow members of the Dutchess County Democratic Committee to do the same. We look forward to working with her in this new and exciting capacity, as our next Commissioner.

Legislator Rebecca Edwards, Minority Leader
Legislator Nick Page, Assistant Minority Leader
Legislator Barrington Atkins
Legislator Craig Brendli
Legislator Brennan Kearney
Legislator Giancarlo Llaverias
Legislator Kristofer Munn
Legislator Frits Zernike

Hyde Park Democratic Committee:

"Hannah has been elected both to our Town Board as well as to the County Legislature and knows firsthand all the detailed information candidates need to run successful campaigns, available only from the BOE,” said Carole Pickering, chairperson for the committee.  “Just as relevantly, she was our Town’s Elections Coordinator from 2007 to 2015, and worked with Commissioners to ensure that the voting process remained open and transparent.  Hannah visited every polling site in Hyde Park multiple times each election day, making certain that any errors were quickly addressed and that when voters encountered a problem – most often, due to a change in his/her polling location – they were told where to go to vote.” 
Cammie Jones, the County Committee Secretary added, “I am thrilled to join my fellow Hyde Park Committee members in endorsing Hannah Black. Hannah has shown tremendous strength, innovation and dedication in her leadership as a County Legislator and citizen.  Hannah has a strong work ethic, leading many audits of the system over her 8 years as Elections Coordinator to determine how past breakdowns could be avoided in the future. Such efforts have supported younger Democrats in the community to not only understand the electoral process but to encourage them to practice their civic duty.”
“In addition to her long experience running for office, and running ‘day of’ elections,” said Michael Dupree, a former chair of the town committee, “Hannah has been a dedicated volunteer for every Democratic campaign I can think of in Hyde Park, from securing petition signatures to walking candidates door to door, whether Assemblymember or Receiver of Taxes.  I met Hannah just after she had interned with Congressman Maurice Hinchey and worked to elect Kirstin Gillibrand to replace him,” he ended.  “She will go to the mat to protect the validity of the electoral system including battling even the most subtle and pernicious attempts to suppress voting.” 

Joseph Ruggiero, 2019 Candidate for Dutchess County Executive:

I am proud to support and endorse Hannah Black for Commissioner of Elections.  Each election is about our future and Hannah Black is a leader in our Democratic Party who represents that future.

Last year, I had the honor to campaign with Hannah Black during my run for County Executive and was extremely impressed.  As the Democratic Leader in the county legislature, Hannah was on the front lines fighting for our principles in Dutchess County.  Hannah’s years of service as a Hyde Park town board member and county legislator have equipped her to be our next commissioner of the Board of Elections.

As we witness the erosion of voters’ rights across the nation - at the hand of Republicans - it will be up to the Democratic Commissioner to be the firewall who’ll protect our voters, our votes, and our democracy in Dutchess County.  Hannah Black is equal to the task because she has been fighting that battle her whole career.  

This was most evident when last year, at the self-serving request of both Election Commissioners, Republican Legislators tried to advance a law that would change the term of the Commissioner of Elections from two to four years. Hannah said, “NO.” Hannah led the Democratic caucus to block this change because it would diminish the accountability of the Elections Board and dilute the power of the County Committee and our elected Legislators by appointing Commissioners only once every four years.  Hannah Black advised the Executive Committee about the Commissioners’ plan and we passed a unanimous resolution supporting her position.

This is not a hypothetical situation to worry about – but part of the history of Dutchess County politics. 

In 1997, the then GOP Commissioner who also was the GOP County Chair, convinced the GOP-controlled Legislature to create 4-year terms for the Election Commissioners. Two years later, in 1999, after being charged with federal indictments for bribery and other crimes, the GOP commissioner refused to resign or recuse himself from presiding over the General Election.  To further add to the corruption of the commissioner’s office, he refused to certify the results of the General Election because his son narrowly (by less than 100 votes) lost re-election for County Clerk. Worse, the GOP was able to get a Republican Judge to declare a “do-over” of the General Election only in the town of North East to decide the outcome of a county wide race.  We had to spend over $20,000 to overturn these decisions and install a legitimately elected Democratic County Clerk.   That commissioner finally resigned after his conviction, and the County Legislature was compelled to repeal the 4-year terms.

I know Hannah will always protect our democratic process by protecting our voters.  Hannah would never support GOP efforts to move polling places that disenfranchise our seniors, students, and minorities. Hannah will work to support our Democratic candidates in their efforts to get out the vote and fight to keep our candidates informed and on the ballot during elections.

As a former elected official and Democratic county chair – I ask you to strongly support Hannah Black for Commissioner of Elections.  I’m confident she has all the skills to build a stronger Democratic Party.

~ Joseph Ruggiero, 2019 Candidate for Dutchess County Executive

Laurette Giardino, 2020 Candidate for NY State Assembly, 105th AD:

“I wholeheartedly endorse Hannah Black as the Democratic Commissioner for the Dutchess County Board of Elections. Hannah has the experience and commitment to excellence that makes her a superb candidate for this position.”

~ Laurette Giardino, 2020 Candidate for NY State Assembly, 105th AD.

Barbara Pallazzo, 2019 Candidate for Town of Poughkeepsie Town Board Ward 4:

"I retired in 2018 as a Deputy Director for the American Federation of Teachers. In that capacity, I led union organizing campaigns as well as political campaigns across the country for two decades and know what is needed to win. I am a proud member of the Dutchess County Democratic Committee and wholeheartedly endorse Hannah Black for Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner. Hannah is the integral piece of the puzzle that has been missing for local Democrats in recent years. 

We need Hannah to be our advocate at the Board of Elections --reflecting the charge of the position. Our current commissioner has taken questionable actions including providing the Republicans with Get Out the Vote data on election day in 2019, which in turn hurt our Democratic candidates in many close races. Hannah is a loyal skilled professional who shares our vision and will work toward the goals of the Democratic Committee and the candidates we support. Please join me in supporting Hannah Black."

~ Barbara Pallazzo, 2019 Candidate for Town of Poughkeepsie Town Board Ward 4.

The Beacon Democrats: 
"The Beacon Democrats unanimously endorsed Hannah Black for Dutchess County Democratic Election Commissioner at our meeting on November 17th, 2020.  

We are confident that her experience, not only as an election coordinator for many years in this county, but also as a candidate, as a Dutchess County Legislator and Minority Leader, equips her with both the knowledge and perspective to make her a terrific commissioner.  We look forward to working with her to get all of our Democratic candidates elected in 2021 and into the future."
~The Beacon Democrats

East Fishkill Democratic Committee:
“The East Fishkill Democratic Committee is endorsing Hannah Black for the position of Democratic Commissioner for the Dutchess County Board of Elections. Hannah has excellent qualifications and experience proving her integrity and strong work ethic. We could not have a better candidate for this position.”
~East Fishkill Democratic Committee